Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Viva la Vida

There have been some cold, cold runs this month, and yet the mama's and mustaches are trudging on.  I wanted to make sure everybody knew about one of the few runs that is going on next month.  The nice folks who put on the Bentonville Half are putting on a series of races that goes through the year.  The first race in that series is called the Valentines Day 4K/8K.  In case the allure of catching up with the leaders isn't enough for you, here is a little more to sweeten the pot. 
1)  I'm pretty sure this will be your first 8K race, which means you'll get 5 extra points automatically.
2) In the spirit of the holiday, we are going to add an extra bonus.  If you get your significant other (who is not already part of our group) to run the race, you'll get another 5 points.  You also get a discount on registration if you register together.
3)  Just released today, you get these pullovers as your participant shirt.  Pretty cool, and, I must say, a little more manly than the medals they are passing out at the Little Rock Marathon this year.
Hope to see you out there.  Even if you can't make it, don't let the cold stop you. They say that you start to feel warm again just before the hypothermia sets in!  Keep on running!

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