Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Results, Conspiracies, and Looking Ahead


First of all, congrats to Katrina and friends for her race in the Valentines 8K.  She is the only confirmed Mama's and Mustaches runner from that race.  More on that later...  But, 4th in her age group and a new PR will put Katrina at 15 points!  Now on to the seedier news.

Have you ever played a game of 3 on 3 wiffle ball?  If you have, you're probably familiar with the concept of a ghost runner.  The ghost runner comes into play when you have all of the players from one team on base, so there is nobody left to bat.  When that happens, the lead runner calls "Ghost Runner" and then goes up to bat.  If he gets a hit and gets on base, the ghost runner automatically moves on to the next base, until he scores or there are 3 outs.  I think someone may be trying to cheat our game by using a "Ghost Runner" in races.  Here are the details that I know of.

1)  I'm told via e-mail that one Brian B*. went out to run 15, running part of it with fellow mustache Nate M.

2)  The next day, I see this among the results in the valentines 8K
17    Brian B   Bentonville AR   472  37  89   43:35.8  43:35.8   5:27/K

So according to my logic, this man was either running two places at once, or, he has a ghost runner.  A hired gun that is out there running local races in order to add to his point total.  We will be investigating this very closely in the coming weeks, but be on alert.  This man could be out to steal your trophy.  Only guilty people post pictures without their face on their facebook account.

*  Last names were left out of this section because, after all, this is the world wide web.  As a side note, the shirt pictured above is available at The Mustache Goods and Wears in Fayetteville and Bentonville.

As a final note for this edition, there are a lot of races coming up.  If you are participating in one, please leave a comment on here saying the race and the date.  We like to know who to cheer for when we're watching you on TV.

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  1. Scandalous! ;)

    I can hardly believe it's nearly March and I'm only just running my first race of 2013! I'll be going after a big PR this Sunday at the Cowtown in Fort Worth. Think fast thoughts for me! :)